The concept

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Education and training center at the Manhatten School for children (NY, USA)

The overall target of inFARMING® is to connect existing green house technologies with new concepts, innovative process technology and material research to meet the specific requirements of building integrated agriculture and to advance and realize technical, economical and ecologically beneficial implementations. The cultivation in special green houses, which are integrated in areas of high population density, poses a resource and area preserving possibility of horticulture. The research plan inFARMING® concentrates on already existing rooftops. inFARMING® the integrated production of food in the city by using the metabolic cycle of an existing facility lowers the energy usage, the carbon dioxide emissions and the resource consumption of food production. The image of the city is enriched positively.

The project inFARMING® introduced by video.infarming en


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December 2016
Start of the scientific advice, participation and business model development for the project "Altmarktgarten"

March 3th 2016
“Forschungsdialog Zukunftsstadt – von der Vision zur Realität“ at Fraunhofer UMSICHT

January 27th 2016
“Green Future – Cities Need New Product Choices”

October 29th 2015
UMSICHT as referee at the Chamber Noth Rhine-Westphalia meeting

October 22th 2015
UMSICHT: Zur Sache! Licht + Umwelt + Prozesse

June 10./11. 2015
Congresse "Grün in der Stadt"